Manitoba winters can be harsh on our homes! While the weather is warm, take some time to inspect your home for damage that may have occured over the winter.


  • Check your roof - You can usually spot trouble without climbing up on the roof. How do the shingles look? Are any missing? Are they curling up? 
  • Check exterior walls - Check for new cracks, damaged areas, or water damage.
  • Check your foundation - Look for cracks or leaks in your basement.
  • Check your decks - Look for warped or loose boards. If the finish is worn, make a plan to clean and re-finish in the summer.
  • Check your air conditioner - change the filter and consider a spring clean by a professional if it looks quite dirty.
  • Clean the BBQ - my favourite step! Clean the BBQ and get ready for summer!

Happy spring, everyone!


Terry & Lisa